Clicka 175

Low Cost Steel Shelving System

A brand new concept at exceptional value
Superior quality steel shelving at a low price
Tough MDF or chipboard tops, quality paint finish
Fast 48 hour delivery
Easy to assemble and reconfigure
A versatile range, ideal for home, office, garage or store
Made in Europe

Build it your way

Ideal for garages, storerooms or workshops, these shelving systems can be assembled quickly and easily without any tools other than a mallet. The systems can be purchased with a shelf capacity of either 175kg or 265kg and with a blue and grey or a full white colour scheme. Each system consists of five chipboard or MDF shelves held together by steel beams. Shelf dimensions range from 900mm to 1,200mm in width and 300mm to 600mm in depth, depending on your requirements. Each system can also be turned into two workbenches, if required.

Height: 1770 mm | Levels: 5 Shelves | Shelf Load: 175 kg
Bay Load: 875 kgs | Delivery: 5 days

Clicka 175 White

Clicka 175 Blue / Grey

Each bay is delivered flat-packed. Price includes uprights, upright connectors, plastic feet, beams, shelf supports and chipboard shelves