Expo 4 Boltless Shelving

Widest Range of Sizes and Accesories

  • Open or clad bays
  • Starter and extension bay format
  • Shelf widths 700, 1000 and 1150mm
  • Shelf depths 300, 400, 500 and 600mm
  • Bay loads up to 2500kgs
  • Shelf pitch every 25mm

This is one of the most versatile shelving solutions on the market. Steel shelf clips allow shelves to be adjusted easily according to your needs and a range of accessories, such as dividers, roll-out drawers, and tyre racks, can be added to each unit. Side cladding and back cladding can also be fitted if required. The system is available in different heights, ranging from 2,000mm to 3,000mm, widths ranging from 700mm to 1,150mm, and depths ranging from 300mm to 600mm. Shelves have a capacity of 200kg. The shelves and beams are made of steel.

Height: 2000+ mm | Levels: 6+ Shelves | Shelf Load: 200 kg
Bay Load: ~ 2500 kg | Delivery: 5 days

Expo 4 Open Bays : D300mm

Expo 4 Open Bays : D400mm

Expo 4 Open Bays : D500mm

Expo 4 Open Bays : D600mm

Price includes 4x uprights, 6x shelves and all necessary fixings, bracing and plastic feet. Extension bay comes with 2 uprights only.

Expo 4 Solid Side Cladding : H2000mm

Expo 4 Solid Side Cladding : H2200mm

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Expo 4 Solid Side Cladding : H2500mm

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Price to clad each frame. Includes multiple panels and a plastic joining rib. (light grey RAL7038).