Kanban Shelving

Rivet Racking KanBan is our solution for production line-side supply systems, where sloping shelves present containers for easy access and at the right height for operatives.
This can reduce costs and increase efficiency for manufacturing operations or inventory management. The two bin arrangement simplifies stock rotation and replenishment. When the front bin is removed the bin behind takes it place, leaving a space that is clearly identified for refilling on the next inspection.

Height: 130 mm | Width: 915 mm | Depth: 610 mm
Shelf Load: 80 kgs | Delivery: 5 days

KanBan Shelving with Shelf Trays

KanBan Shelving with Picking Bins

KanBan Shelving with 5 Sloping Shelves

KanBan Shelving with 3 Sloping Shelves