Rivet Garment Racks

These racks are perfect for storing overalls in workshops or for use in retail stores or warehouses. They are based on the rivet racking system with 25mm zinc-coated tubes instead of shelves. Notched beams allow the tubes to be placed in five different positions. The racks come with two levels and either one or two tubes per level. The levels can easily be adjusted to fit your requirements. Bays are 2,135mm high and 610mm deep. You can choose between a 915mm-wide bay and a 1,220mm one. The tubes can support up to 70kg of garments.

Height:2135 mm | Width: ~1220 mm | Levels: 2-4 Rails
Tube Load: 60-70 kg | Delivery: 5 days

Single Rail Garment Bay – 2 Levels

Double Rail Garment Bay – 2 Levels

Price includes uprights, plastic feet, chipboard decks for top and bottom helves, two levels with notched beams, support beams and 2 or 4 zinc coated tubes.