Shelf Trays

Low Cost Steel Shelving System

  • High density storage system
  • Improved strength and rigidity
  • Sprung loaded shelf stop
  • Trays can be sub-divided
  • Better product identification
  • Stock is kept dust free
  • Large range of sizes

Our shelf tray range has been completely redesigned with many features that make it stronger, more competitive and easier to use.
The biggest improvement is the addition of a spring loaded shelf stop at the back of the tray. This means the tray can be withdrawn from the shelf and suspended offering around 90% clear picking. This stop also acts as a handle to make it easier to carry.
With shelf trays available in 3 depths, 2 widths and 2 heights any configuration can be designed to offer the maximum high density storage solution. Trays can be sub divided from left to right and all trays and dividers come with labels.

    • Height
      Tray heights (mm): 90, 140 | *Bay height (mm): 2000
    • Widths
      Tray widths (mm): 117, 234 | *Bay Width (mm):1000
    • Depths
      Tray depths (mm):300, 400, 500 | * Bay depths (mm): 300, 400, 500
    • Applications
      Environment: Warehouse, Storeroom, Workshop
      Usage: Small parts storage and picking, High density storage
    • Constructions
      Trays: Plastic,Light Blue
      Label Cover: Plastic, Clear Transparent
      Internal Dividers: Plastic | Spring Handle: Steel, Paper labels included
    • Loadings
      *Max Bay Load: 3000kg
      *Shelf UDL: D300 110kg | D400 100kg | D500 90kg

BAY A | H 2000 x W 1000 (mm)

BAY B | H 2000 x W 1000 (mm)

BAY C | H 2000 x W 1000 (mm)

BAY D | H 2000 x W 1000 (mm)

BAY E | H 2000 x W 1000 (mm)

BAY F | H 2000 x W 1000 (mm)

BAY G | H 2000 x W 1000 (mm)

BAY H | H 2000 x W 1000 (mm)