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Id like to explain in simple terms the origins and history in which Rivet Racking evolved into the storage industry market and how it has changed the way we store our goods and products.

Historically and goods that could be stored and lifted manually were stored on what we now call generically Dexion shelving. A tried and tested nut and bolted shelving system consisting of 4 uprights and the appropriate no of shelves bolted together to form a bay or shelving unit. The length of shelves varied from 80cm-120cm  but usually 90cm x varying depths from 25cm to 90cm.

Once eventually constructed ,Dexion style shelves where strong and served their purpose well , however the flaws to actually install it compared to Rivet shelving eventually saw its downfall in the commercial sector , although its still available in various forms in the domestic market. So along came the 1990,s and the birth of Rivet shelving or Riveter in the US where it originated.

Rivet shelving essentially eliminated the use of nuts and bolts to construct the units. Instead the Rivet shelving system consists of slotted uprights and a profiled beam , typically fro 30cm long to a max of 244 cm long with widths from 30cm to 120cm. The beams have 2 large rivets in each end which secure into the uprights with a gentle tap of a hammer, and form the strength in the structure. This also applies to the depth. Once you have assembled a skeleton rivet shelving unit you can add either a chipboard or steel deck.

Bolted shelving would usually take 40 – 45 mins to construct a single unit. Rivet shelving can be assembled in a third of that time and furthermore the constraints on dimensions mean that you can install a single bay upto 244cm rather than 90cm. Loading capacities on Rivet shelving are extremely high upto 800kgs per level uniformly distributed. Rivet shelving is so versatile , and can be shortened to make rivet work benches and you can even add castors to make mobile rivet shelving bays or benches. Rivet shelving also has a value when used as its so simple and easy to dismantle and reinstall.

Dexion style bolted shelves were so labour intensive to dismantle that the cost to take down often equalled their used value, making rivet racking an investment for the future if your business grows or moves.

Eastwoodrc stock rivet racking in every size from stock ans have a fully trained installation team if required.So in short, if you have hand stack-able goods that need easy access and adjustment, rivet racking should be perfect. Please call our team for friendly advice and short delivery times on rivet racking from our vast stock.


Around 1980 , Eastwood Racking Co welcomed Longspan Racking into its product range.

Historically , most business storing goods where limited to bolt together shelves which where hard to install or Heavy Pallet Racking , cumbersome for lighter duty applications.

Longspan racking was then a revolutionary product ! Customers now had a wider choice from Eastwood racking company. Longspan racking explained simply is a boltless racking system ideally suited to med /heavy duty applications up to 900 Kgs per level.

The Longspan system comprises a frame or upright that has bolted cross bracing for stability.The frames have a series of holes which Longspan beams boltlessly connect into.

Longspan frames accept the beams from both sides so an uprights or frames connect the structure using 2 frames as a “Starter Bay” then subsequent bays simply add on

Longspan beams are usually a Z style profile with a 22mm step to accept Longspan Chipboard decking or whichever deck is most suitable.

  • 18mm or 22mm Longspan chipboard decking
  • Open steel mesh longspan decking
  • Solid profiled galvanised steel longspan decking
  • Sawn or planed open or closed timber slatted decks.

So clearly the longspan racking system is adaptable to most storage situations and is easily installed by anybody !

Frames vary from 2.o metres to 12 metres (spliced) in heights

Depth 600 mm 800mm 900mm 1000mm 12200mm

Beam lengths 900mm 1200mm 1500mm 1800mm 2100mm 2400mm 2700mm

Cross supports also available in all sizes.

Eastwood Racking company prides itself in having all these sizes in stock at all times. This includes the Standard longspan chipboard decking.

So in closing if your storage problem includes light , medium or bulky goods handled by a person stacking them by hand, longspan racking is the perfect choice for you, without the prohibitive uprights in the way .

We hope that Eastwood racking can help with your longspan racking needs however big or small.