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Every business that wishes to succeed in today’s competitive market needs to meet every demand of their customer. The more the demand for your products, higher is the need for storing them. Racking system helps you to store and access your goods efficiently. When you cannot afford much on expanding your storage space a longspan racking system is an ideal choice. The system is suitable for various industrial applications such as archives, automotive, factories, warehouses, retail, wholesale and commercial.

Longspan racks help you to store small to medium-size products like cartons, parts trays, tools in garages, warehouses etc. Eastwood Racking Company being professional Longspan Racking Supplier UK offers you dynamic storage solutions.

Longspan racking systems are fully adjustable industrial shelving systems. As they are available at quite affordable rates they can save you a lot of money. Longspan shelving is extremely versatile and for this reason they can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. The longspan shelving system is an alternative for those who do not have the budget or floor space for a pallet racking system. Longspan shelving is the best solution for hand-loading heavy or bulky items. You can find high-quality longspan structures at Rapid Racking, along with long length storage solution for pipes and other such lengthy items.

Eastwood Racking Company offers Longspan shelving systems that are quick and easy to install. They are also fully adjustable in 50mm increments allowing plenty of storage space. Their Longspan Racking system comprises of steel upright beams, heavy-duty Z profile beams, and chipboard shelves. Support beams at every shelf level ensures that the shelves can handle up to 950kg of goods. The beams slot together easily and multiple bays can be connected to create run of shelves. A number of accessories are available, such as garment rails and hoop dividers and Eastwood Racking Company offers a range of sizes.

With 56 years of experience in the racking industry, Eastwood Racking Company have handled every trend in racking systems. With a stock worth £3 million, the company is quick to deliver and even install at a very short notice. They offer best-quality heavy and medium duty longspan racking systems for businesses throughout London. Click here to know more about frames, beam levels and tyre tracking levels.


Businesses are something that keep growing. The growth of any business involves increase in the product quantity with which the need for storage space also increases. Spending on a new building can be an extra expense which could be avoided with the use of racks and shelves.There is wide choice of racking system available in the market from which you can choose the right one based on your business needs.Investing on good quality storage racks is a worthy investment. In manufacturing companies, department stores or any other business that require warehouse, storage racks are inevitable part with many significant benefits.

Save Space:

The most important advantage of storage racks is that it saves a lot of floor space in your warehouse. It helps you store more items by occupying lesser space. They are constructed vertically so that along with using minimum floor space it makes most use of the height of the warehouse building which saves your money.

Easy to access:

Racks are constructed in such a way that they are accessible from either sides and using a forklift makes the job easier. They minimize the number of obstacles and thus making it effortlessly accessiblefor your employees and maximise the productivity of your business.


Choosing and setting up the right racking system helps you store your products conveniently. Whether your products are long, heavy, bulky or oddly shaped, there are racks available for all types of items.


Having a right racking system helps you to ensure the safety of your workers. As it minimises the obstacles on the floor and decreases the chance of getting injured at work place. When all your items are neatly arranged on racks the chances of tripping on path ways are reduced and arranging goods neatly reduces the risk of products falling from shelves.

Saves your money:

Spending on racks saves you a lot of money than spending on a new building. It helps you store more goods at available space thus improving the efficiency and productivity of your business. A good quality racking system is a long-term investment.

We at Eastwood Racking Company offer a wide range of storage solutions to warehouse and trade counters in London. Our products include Longspan Racking, Rivet Racking, Cantilever and Vertical Racks. We are capable of delivering and installing at a very short notice.